ADD/ADHD is a neurobiological condition affecting 5-8% of school aged children with symptoms persisting into adulthood in as many of 60% of the cases (approximately 4%) or 8 to 9 million adults.

Once thought of as a condition that one could outgrow, a surprising number of adults are undiagnosed.  The most common symptoms include impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity however; for many adults, hyperactivity is less apparent and may appear as restlessness.

Challenges often identified by persons living with ADD/ADHD
  • Lack of focus on one task
  • Difficulty seeing tasks to completion
  • Forgetfulness
  • Inability to establish daily routines
  • Cannot manage unscheduled time
  • Often can’t get out the door on time with everything they need
  • Loosing or misplacing things
  • Difficulty being prepared for important tasks
  • Getting sidetracked when working on a project
  • Procrastination unless under the pressure of a deadline
If you wonder if you have ADD/ADHD because you have struggled with one or more of these issues, it is essential to obtain a thorough evaluation from a qualified licensed health care practitioner to determine if you are living with this condition. Treatment may include a combination of medication, therapy, coaching, hiring a professional organizer and attending self-help groups.

Susan’s clients are successful yet struggle with daily routines. Many of her clients find that through the coaching process they gain a better understanding how their brain works and develop strategies to manage day to day demands.  Susan’s coaching style is to listen intently, provide frank and honest observations, and encourage her clients to look at situations from different perspectives. Through the coaching process clients develop an awareness of their condition, what is most important to them and identify solutions to create a life that is fulfilling and successful on their terms. Her clients appreciate her knowledge, patience, humor, encouragement and steadfast belief in them.

Susan helped me to develop systems and routines that make perfect sense to me. 
My life is better on so many levels.
Deana, Musical Director