Is there a test for ADD/ADHD?
Like many conditions, ADD/ADHD cannot be diagnosed by a simple blood test or an MRI. Diagnosis is made by a trained clinician. Ask your primary care physician to refer you to a qualified clinician such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or neuropsychologist who specializes in diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.
I am smart, and have a very successful career. How can it be possible that I have ADD/ADHD?
This is a very common misconception. ADHD is neurobiological condition that impacts various aspects of our daily life but is separate from intelligence.
Do adults really have ADD/ADHD, or is this something that children grow out of?
ADD/ADHD affects individuals of all ages. Although it is most often diagnosed in children and some children do grow out of their ADD/ADHD symptoms, it is estimated that between 2-4% of the adult population lives with ADD/ADHD.
What is the difference between an Organizer Coach and a Coach?
Organizer Coaches are a specific, skilled sub-group of both coaches and professional organizers. Organizer Coaches are trained and competent in both organizing and coaching techniques and thus are able to provide a service that is a distinct synergy of both fields.
Can I just hire you as an organizer?
Although I worked as a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) for a number of years, I limit my offering of organizational services to those individuals living with ADD/ADHD who would benefit from the combination of organizing and coaching. As an organizer coach, I support my clients to identify effective strategies, evaluate their effectiveness and develop new habits for lasting change.
How long before I see results?
That depends on your goals and your situation. Coaching is unique to each individual. We can discuss this more during your introductory coaching session.
Do you guarantee success for your clients?
In the coaching process, the commitment to make changes and ultimately succeed where you are struggling is your own choice. I guarantee that I will be your dedicated partner and coach. I guarantee to support, encourage, and believe in you. As your coach I will assist you in gaining awareness and understanding yourself, how your ADD/ADHD affects you and to help you to create long term strategies to support you in finding success and achieving your goals.
Is coaching the same as therapy?
This is a common question because both relationships are built on regular conversations between the client and professional. However, as your coach I am your partner. I support your desire to achieve realistic goals through promoting increased self-awareness, co-developing an action plan and providing accountability to bring about the completion of each step. If I feel a client could benefit from the additional support of a therapist who is qualified to address mental health conditions, I will share my concerns with the client. I enjoy collaborating with my client’s therapists when the opportunity presents itself.