I couldn’t get into bed tonight without telling you how helpful our call was this morning. I did so well today. I just concentrated on the kitchen, and it looks better than it has in a long time. Narrowing the focus to just one thing – one room has helped. I felt like I was on a roll. The better it looked, the better and more encouraged I felt.

Thank you Susan for your help this morning and during this time period that has been so difficult for me. The clearer my space is, the clearer my ability to think about things in my life becomes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me.

Cathleen, Soloist
I decided that ADHD had disrupted my life for too long. I was having trouble keeping up with my work load and my dear wife was exasperated with a husband who forgot most of what she said. I found Susan and I am happy to report that I am keeping up with the work and have improved my organizational skills by using my sales reports as a tool to keep me on track with my daily calls and prospecting. My wife celebrates my new communication skills and sees that I am even able to remember things that are important to her. I’ve learned that I have a very special brain. I’m not beating myself up and I’m not making excuses for the way I am. Thanks Susan!
Steve, Salesman
Susan was one of the best advisors that I’ve had. I really didn’t know how to manage my time efficiently until she came along. She knew exactly what I could do to work around my ADHD and overcome my lack of focus. I enjoyed having the company of an optimistic, patient, and very sweet coach, especially on my down days, she would cheer me up.
Harlan, Student
Susan helped me to develop systems and routines that make perfect sense to me. My life is better on so many levels.
Deana, Musical Director
On my own, without your coaching, I would not have had the energy to de-junk. While it was emotionally a little stressful to let go of stuff, your energy and persistence really helped. Now I feel free and light and you have breathed new life into me.
Sally, Homeowner
I had no idea how much time and energy had been wasted before your work with me. I have so much more energy now and my family really appreciates your help. Mealtime runs much easier now.
Martha, Full-time Mom and Artist
I dreamed of being able to put my hands on a piece of paper when I needed it. Thanks for making my dream come true.
Renee, Entrepreneur
I was tired of being constantly overwhelmed by the clutter and disarray in my life. I am so sorry that I didn’t find Susan earlier, it’s truly the best money I have ever spent on myself.
Denise, Musician
Susan recently helped me clean out my attic. I now refer to it as my “Attic Diet” because every time I go up there, I feel ten pounds lighter, and I haven’t gained it back.
Christina, Mother and Philanthropist
Amongst the piles, the sorting and the process of organizing, Susan keeps me focused and reminds me that it doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to work for ME. I love that.
Beverly, Art Director
Susan clearly understands that within our family each person functions differently. It has been very helpful that she works with us instead of for us in a fun but sensitive way.
Francine, Nurse
Working with Susan has empowered to make changes in my living space. She has helped me learn that I can let go of a birthday card and at the same time value the friend or relative who sent it to me; I can donate a scarf given to me by a student and at the same time appreciate the expression of gratitude that it represents. I also feel better equipped to decide which business documents I need to save. (For example, I know I don’t need to keep bank statements from 20 years ago). When I walk into my apartment now, I don’t want to run away. Instead, I look around and feel proud about what has been accomplished. Susan Lieber has helped me change my life for the better.
Elaine, Professor
You always help me see and appreciate my small accomplishments. I am less hard on myself because I learning to understand my ADD and what works for me.
Linda, Psychologist
I was afraid my boys would be upset by us getting rid of the excess toys and games. The kids love the space and organization in the living room and want to help to maintain it. I had no idea how much the clutter was affecting them. Thank you, thank you.
Tina, Mother and Graduate Student
My first introduction to Susan Lieber was at a seminar she presented on “Chaos to Calm.” I was very impressed with her approach; not only to organization, but to achieving calm & perspective in one’s life. I kept Susan’s card, and several months after the lecture, enlisted her help with organizational issues I was facing in my home. What became immediately apparent is that Susan is someone who genuinely cares for the people she supports. She is not a person who simply comes to your home, helps you “de-clutter,” and moves on. By determining the real issues behind the chaos, Susan enlightens, and in turn enables you to implement the tools you need to move toward a calmer and more focused life. I truly loved her no-nonsense, yet loving style of working with me. I can honestly say that she made an enormous difference in my approach to my daily activities. More importantly, she allowed me to view myself in a completely different, far more positive light. I will always consider her a wonderful mentor and friend.
Marcia, H.R. Consultant, Job Coach, Part-Time Quilter
Susan and I have tackled both my disastrous filing system and the unruly hordes of junk in my basement. First of all, it is worth it merely to make sure those jobs that never get done actually get done. But more importantly, Susan teaches you a skill set. You learn better ways to organize your stuff and a better process for completing the job. But you also learn better ways to think about your stuff in the first place. Susan helped my husband and I to examine why some tasks were just so hard for us and to make seemingly simple adjustments that solved problems we’d had for years. These skills have spilled over into other organizational projects, and my home has never been less cluttered. But the best part is that when you have good systems in place, your mind is less cluttered too. It was a breeze to do my taxes this year, both in that I could find all the documentation I needed, and because it was so much easier to even think about getting started. I can’t stress enough how much value I place on making tasks like this easier to accomplish, especially as a working mother. We will definitely have Susan back when we are ready to dig into the next big project.
Sarah, Attorney
I have the utmost respect and admiration for Susan Lieber. Her integrity and professionalism are outstanding. My relationship with Susan began several years ago and it is one I truly treasure. Her professional advice and resources she provides are always right on target. I truly appreciate the confidentiality of our relationship which enables me to share my home, its contents and the most personal and private aspects of my life. Susan has provided excellent advice and recommendations which have helped add clarity and organization to my life and home. I would highly recommend Susan for any corporate or personal organizational system focusing on each individuals needs and goals. Susan consistently works with extreme efficiency and enthusiasm. Her professional help provides stress relief and a refreshing outlook on life.
Mary Jo, Educator and Mother of Three